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What is Facebook Pixel, how it works and is configured

Some time ago Facebook launched a new format to measure conversions called Facebook Pixel. With this new implementation, the social network drove us crazy. Many of us had to spend hours understanding the new workings of this form of conversion, which is actually simpler and more practical. In this post-guide, I will summarize how this new pixel works and how it is configured.

The Facebook pixel is an "invisible" code that allows you to track your website conversions. Through it you can measure different events, for example

  • Users who have purchased a product or service

  • Users who added a product to their shopping cart

  • Users who completed a registration form (capturing)

Thanks to pixels we can know how many conversions our Facebook ads generate and the cost of each conversion.

There is only one pixel per account. Previously with the Facebook conversion system, you could create a pixel for each campaign. Now you only have one for all your ad campaigns. One pixel for each ad account, that’s how it works.

How to set up the new Facebook Pixel

To configure this new pixel you have two options, with events or with custom conversions. To create them you have to go to the "Power Editor", click on "Tools" and then on "Pixels". Once you are inside this section you click on the "create conversion" button and there you will see the two options.

I recommend you to use the custom conversion tracking, it is more complete in order to better measure your results.

Facebook Pixel tracking conversions with standard events

Event settings are more delicate. Each ad account is associated with a Facebook Pixel. To measure different conversions in your campaigns just add one or more events. To do this you have to choose one of the ones shown in the Facebook list (purchase, registration, add cart, etc.). To help you, I’ve created a chart with the steps to edit your original pixel code and add your event to it. As you can see, the pre-determined pixel comes with the visitor event. Then you can add the one or events you want. I tried shopping by giving him a price and assigning my coin.

Facebook Pixel with the option to create custom conversion

Tracking custom conversions is easier. You just have to choose a rule. For example, have the URL match your registration page or thank you. You then select the event category and define a name for this custom conversion.

How to verify if your Facebook Pixel is installed correctly

To verify if your Facebook Pixel code is working, just install the "Facebook Pixel Helper" extension in your Chrome browser. Then you click on the icon and you will see the Facebook Pixel events. Remember that they all have to be green.

Qué es el Facebook Píxel y cómo usarlo (FaQs)

How many Facebook Pixel codes do I need for my business? Just one. Remember that each brand must have this structure to manage its presence on Facebook:

Business Manager account with:

Advertising account with:

Public 1 pixel only Catalogs

Fan page

Instagram profile

With this structure, it is clearly seen that each customer is equal to an advertising account that in turn is equal to a single pixel.

Can I install multiple Facebook Pixel codes on a single page?

Facebook does NOT recommend it, but it can and does NOT affect your conversions. In my case, I started advertising in 2014 and my account was in euros. In 2018 with the rise of the euro it was already profitable to pay for ads in euros so 6 months before we started to install the pixel of the new account of the United States and after we started to create campaigns from the new account without having problems of results.

Are custom conversions essential?

No, the reality is that we can measure by events (lead, purchase, complete registration, etc.). However, with custom conversions, we can measure much better some Funnels. At the time of creating my campaign, I will create/use 2 custom conversions (the Thank page after they are registered in the workshop and the workshop purchase).

I hope this post can help you with the management of your pixels and if you need support do not hesitate to contact me

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