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In recent years the strategies of #brand, companies, or businesses have changed considerably, many businesses have closed, others are looking for a way to survive and even others have reduced their staff to be able to stay regardless of the red numbers, oranges, or purples. "In short this #pandemic brings everyone head". Unfortunately, the businesses that have closed or that have reduced their operation are very likely that the product and market conditions at this time have not been favorable, It is very likely that not having staff with digital profiles affects the process of transformation or #evolution, or simply not being prepared to adapt to these new models is the cause of making these types of decisions.

During my experience I have collaborated directly or indirectly with various brands, companies, corporate and even with #entrepreneurs, both national and international in various industries, in some cases senior managers and even owners made comments like; "Don’t put so much digital budget into it, because it’s an expense". "The profitability is lower". "Better fit the plan" "reduces the budget to a minimum" "forget the customer-focused digital process. "We better do promotions so that more people come", "sales are first", "The customer does not know what he wants", but just as there was this type of managers had the counterpart who learned how to face the situations of change that they commented things like "let’s start building the digital strategy today" "We have to improve the digital process to generate communication with key customers" "We measure channels that are functional for each of our customers" "It is necessary to make easier the operation of the customer by means of cellular or loyalty applications" talking about processes of change and digital transformation of sales models. However, the pandemic forced different brands, companies, businesses, and entrepreneurs to accelerate this transformation of sales models and today there are many unknowns.

It was very common that #business owners or #key leaders who were against creating digital business strategies in a company will not have clarity on the trend of business strategy, that is to say, few analyze their key numbers and especially they did not have the clear vision where to take the business. Others do not analyze the market and the opportunities that exist, they are simply waiting for the result without knowing anything else, on the other hand, there are the owners who are not consistent with the tactics that generate profitability, they only generate isolated efforts of #marketing, advertising among others to increase income, and once it generates remove it or wait for the month to close to meet the number.

Usually, this type of owner would tolerate personnel that would not add value to the work or sales team and would not regularly mediate team results, even when they were not working. In this case, this type of leader forgot to build a brand and focused on income only, this generated that the brand or business was cold and that customers would stay away from it. Other types of business owners or leaders constantly changed the income-generation formula in its entirety instead of maintaining the #profitability-generation formula and forgot to test before changing the model. This type of owner completely forgot about the strategic allies of the business and no matter how much they tried to provide value do not accept #recommendations. Many of these types of business owners and leaders at this time do not see the #digital transformation of a brand, company, or business as a #ally to secure the future, if not quite the opposite, and forget about the new #business strategy opportunities that arise thanks to the emergence of #technologies. Likewise, this change is not only technological but also brings with it new skills in key people in the company as well as the reinvention of the processes themselves that affect the traditional process and are directly linked to the customer experience. Today, digital transformation is not an option. Today’s #companies can no longer consider adapting to this new scenario because there is no other way to renew and compete than through transformation.

Surely many of these words are echoing in your way of acting, so it’s important that you focus and take charge of your #business or #brand. This is how business is done and the key in these times are linked to the ability to adapt to change as quickly, so we need to pay attention to not following the same pattern, and create, new alternatives with technology applied to the business process; on the other hand, in our business, brand or company if we tend to reject any new information that contradicts what we believe. Any new information that is not consistent with our ideas is removed; this is the main killer of innovation. " A company will succeed if it develops or creates something unique that improves the #consumer" experience. A business, brand, or company that has triumphed in the past by creating a different strategy has to do the same to secure its future. Always go for more, put in your company that extra, and achieve better results.

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